Meet Abby, author of Resolution 365, a blog about all things healthy eating and lifestyle!

Hi and welcome! I’m Abby, and this little website is my internet home. My life mantra is this: “Fall in love with taking care of yourself.”

So that’s what this blog is about. I share about clean, healthy, natural living in 7 key areas:

  • Whole Food Recipes–  meals with whole, natural ingredients
  • Natural Home– toxin-free DIY recipes to homemake your cleaning solutions
  • Natural Beauty– natural products absent of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Healthy Lifestyle– notes about real, whole food nutrition, natural rememdies, and other health factors such as sleep, exercise, and stress reduction;  tips and resources to help moms establish and maintain natural living for their families, kids in particular
  • Bodyweight Fitness– anything and everything about bodyweight exercise, the most natural, cost-effective way to stay fit

Living naturally is a passion of mine for my family.  That handsome guy in the photo up top  is my husband, Theron. This blog was actually his idea. He convinced me that I had good stuff to share with the world and promised he’d handle all the “techie” stuff. He didn’t exactly hold up his end of the deal, but… I still love him :)

And this is our daughter, Perrie. Adorable, right? She’s my inspiration. I’m passionate about living a healthy, happy life because I want only the best for her.

Baby Perrie is my motivation to lead a healthy life. Read more about her life and mine! xoxo- Abby

To wrap up, if I’m totally transparent with you all, a final reason I love running this blog is that it holds my family and I accountable to living a clean, natural life.  It isn’t always easy, but sharing  about all these concepts through my blog keeps us honest even when the going gets tough.

Thanks so much for visiting! I look forward to sharing with you 🙂