10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Health

Looking for ways to shake things up in your relationship? Check out this list for 10 things to try to improve the health of your marriage or significant relationship.

Attention! This post contains a CHALLENGE with PRIZES. Keep reading for more info!!

Every parent knows that relationships change a bit when kids get introduced into the mix. Don’t get me wrong. Having our daughter was THE best thing that has every happened to Theron and me. She lights up our lives in ways we never fathomed was possible.

At that same token, our relationship has certainly changed as we’ve learned to navigate the waters of parenting. These days, we spend a lot more time rocking a crying baby to sleep than we do cuddling up to watch our bedtime TV show.

So over the last couple of weeks, Theron and I have been brainstorming ways we can start making time for US again. Simultaneous (and completely unrelated) to this brainstorming, we’ve also been clearing out and rearranging our office.  During this clear out, I stumbled across a book someone must have given us awhile back. It’s titled- Try Something New: 100 Fun & Creative Ways to Spend Time Together.  Check it out at my store!


This weekend, Theron and I spent time reading through all 100 activities and narrowed it down to our 10 favorites, all of which we plan to do over the next 10 weeks. We’d love to invite couples to try this challenge with us! You are welcome to choose the same 10 activities as us, or feel free to select others from the book if you end up purchasing it.

Whether you are reading this now (April 2016) or significantly later on, the challenge still stands. If you try it out, please share your journey with me on Instagram by documenting your activities using the hashtag #R365teninten.  If you successfully complete and document via Instagram all 10 in 10 weeks or less, I’ll post a write up of your journey to my blog (if you want).  Bloggers, this would be a great way to get your name and face out there!  If you are the FIRST person to complete the challenge, I’ll even hook you up with a copy of the book (or a $15 amazon gift card if you’d prefer)!

Leave a comment if you  have any questions 🙂

Alright! Here we go…Kids or no kids. Newlyweds or marriage veterans. Healthy or struggling couples… We could all benefit from getting outside of our usual activities to discover new interests and grow together. Theron and I are looking forward to this challenge and we sincerely hope you’ll join us! 🙂

All the info below comes straight from the Try Something New Book. I take no credit for coming up with these ideas.

#1- Take a trip back to a simpler time: Spend an entire evening without any modern conveniences. TV, cell phones, and computers are off limits. Turn off the lights, light some candles, and just enjoy catching up and spending time together.

#2- Have a throw-back game night: Find your favorite games from when you were kids. Break out the good snacks, engage in a little healthy competition, and reminisce about the good old days.

#3- Mail your love a little romance: Send your partner a formal date night invitation. Say where and when to meet and what to wear. Make reservations at a nice restaurant or have a romantic date at home.

#4-Change scenery between courses: Have a progressive dinner date. Choose four restaurants within walking distance of each other. Get drinks at one, appetizers at another, dinner at a third, and dessert at a fourth.

#5- Figure out your love language: Spend a set amount of time communicating with each other without actually speaking. Let your actions, body language, eyes, and facial expressions do the talking.

#6- Increase your heart rate: Work out together. Pick a physical activity you can do as a couple. Play tennis, go for a run, swim some laps, or play golf (no carts).  Get healthy and release some endorphins.

#7- Rise and shine before the sun: Wake up early and head to a spot in your area with an unobstructed view. Try a beach or the highest point in the town. Snuggle up together and watch the sunrise.

#8- Train together for a good cause: Sign up for an event that sponsors a cause that is important to you. Pick something a little outside of your comfort zone so that you can spend time training for it together.

#9- Feel good about what you’re eating: Go to a local farmers market. Pick out your favorite produce and something new. Make dinner with what you find. Feel good that it’s fresh, locally grown, and healthy!

#10- Pretend you’re rich and famous: Take a drive or stroll through a ritzy area. Pick out your dream home(s) and have fun imagining what your lives would be like if you lived there.

Good Luck! Excited to see all the fun things you do 🙂 Remember to track your activities on Instagram if you are interested in the prizes! #R365teninten  And if you want to see 90 more similar activities, be sure to check out the whole book on Amazon!






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20 thoughts on “10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Health

  1. I love all of these ideas! I always have to modify them a little bit though because with 3 kids, babysitting is EXPENSIVE. ha! But I have always wanted to have a fire and bring blankets out and fall asleep under the stars in our backyard. We just need a warm day with minimal wind…haha! 🙂

    1. I hear ya. I only have ONE but I think I can convince a family member to help out on a few of these 🙂 And yes, I love the falling asleep under the stars one! That is actually in the book- I didn’t add it to my list of 10 in case some readers weren’t in a place where the weather was nice enough to do that. But it’s definitely on our to-do list this summer.

  2. This is fantastic. My husband and I have only been married for a little over four months, but we are constantly working at our relationship as we refuse to get stuck in a rut. Great ideas! Especially #6 and #8. Hubby and I are currently training for Tough Mudder! It’s been an absolute blast.

  3. We get a date night once or twice a month. And as much as we would love to just veg out on the couch we make it a point to spend time together away from the home. Also we know each others love language which helps majorly!

  4. This is a great list! I just wrote a post about date night without having to get a sitter! I will see if I can participate in the challenge!

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